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Cab Enclosures

Mammoth Designs Kawasaki Teryx 4 Soft Door Rear Window Combo -- $799.99

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Mammoth Designs Soft Door Kit for the Teryx 4 is designed to attach the roll cage to provide protection from the environment.  These doors work with the Mammoth Designs Rear Window or work alone.  They attach using a combination of Velcro and snaps to provide a secure fit.  Each row of seats has a separate zippered door that can be rolled back a held in place with straps. Mammoth Designs Soft Rear Window is designed for the Kawasaki Teryx 4. It attaches using a combination of Velcro and Para-Cord to fasten to the frame of the Teryx 4.

All Mammoth Designs products are manufactured using only the highest grade of materials. We make them in Kentucky using as much made in USA parts and materials possible. A one year warranty against defects in included plus we are always here to fix any problems that might arise so rest assured in your purchase that you aren't only buying a great product but you are also buying from a great company.